Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Roster So Far

So here's how it looks to me at this point:

Kovy- Crusher -Williams

Kozy- Little -Army

Perrin- Reasoner -Thorburn

Bolts- White -(rotate either Sterling or Stewart)

Toby - Havy

Hainsey - X/Boris

Schneider - Bogo/Kulda

If Kulda ever cracks the lineup this season, you'd probably actually rotate Bogo up to play with Hainsey and let Kulda play with Schneider.

Depending on the play of Christiansen and Little, this could give us an average top line followed by above average second and third lines. Our checking line will be average and won't get much more than 5 minutes per game. But in those five minutes, they shouldn't hurt us at all.

Toby and Havy proved to be a very reliable pairing and will only get better as Toby matures and they develop more and more chemistry. Hainsey should pair well with a stay at home bruiser like Boris or human road cone like X. Schneider plays Crash Davis to Bogo and Kulda's Nuke Lalouche.

On the powerplay, Coach Anderson has more options than his predecessors did. With Toby, Havy, Hainsey, Bogo, and Schneider available to quarterback the play, he doesn't absolutely have to put Kovy on the point. Yes, his shot is brutal from back there, but it would be even more effective from a high face off circle area. move the puck around the outside, then have Kovy step up into that shooting lane to receive a one timer pass from the opposite point man. At the same time the center crashes the net for a rebound and the opposite winger goes to the faceoff circle are on his side for a longer kicked rebound.

While I'd like to see the team upgrade a notch on right wing, I think the team looks competitive right now. Exactly how competitive will depend immensely on the development of the rookies and the play of the Thrashers' netminders. If Anderson's system can cut down on the number of shots Kari faces, I think he'll respond very well and put up some huge percentage numbers this season. Combined with some increased scoring from the ranks under the Czar, that could spell playoffs. Unfortunately right now, the team doesn't look deep enough or tough enough to go past the first round. But hey, I've been wrong before. Once. Back in the 80's.

For the Chronicle, this is Razor Catch Prey.


Telephone Thing said...

See I just can't imagine putting Schneider on the bottom line. He is too good for it honestly. Maybe have X and Boris/Bogo at the bottom. I can tell you X and Boris are not worth the second line.

Big Shooter said...


Razor Catch Prey said...

It's not that I think Schneider is a 3rd pairing defenseman, and certainly not that I think that X/Boris are 2nd pairing material. It's about spreading out our vets and our rookies so we never have a pairing out there that might both drop the ball at the same time.

Sun Tsu said, when in a situation in which you must match up four of your armies against four of your enemy's armies, place your worst against his best. Then place your best against his second best, your second against his third, and your third against his fourth. You will win 3 battles and lose only 1.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Oh dear, I posted under another email oh mine. It was me. Don't get excited and think you have a new poster. It was simply a french impostor.

Anyhow, er, honestly we'd be better off having Hainsey on the lowest line than having Schneider. I understand paring with rookies. But Sun Tsu didn't play hockey.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Also, I just want to let any of you skeptics know in regards to Schneider, that I hope you realize age or not, that this man is probably the best defenseman the Thrashers have ever had. Look at his numbers. In his past years he was associated with the two best defensive teams in the NHl (The Ducks and Red Wings). He isn't some other team's trash. It was either Selanne or him. Pick and choose between your hall of famers. Even if his numbers are reducing, he is still a fine fine player. Just wanted to say that is all.