Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just to make Morty Salivate...

Great analysis from Ryan Garner over at Hockey Buzz of the Sharks' cap predicament and who is most likely on their way out. For those too lazy to click and read, the cliffs notes version states that the Sharks will probably move some combination of McLaren, Cheechoo, and/or Mike Grier.

Plenty of analysis has already been done on this blog about everything brought to the table by McLaren and Cheechoo. McLaren would be an immediate improvement, provide a physical presence (not what he once possessed, but still better than we've got), and is just as good as Matthieu Schneider in a younger package. Cheechoo is a former Rocket Richard Trophy winner who had a rough year last season. On either the opposite wing from Kovy or Kozy, he'd have huge potential in Blueland.

Our loyal readers already know that we here at the Chronicle absolutely love us some Mike Grier. This is a tough, hard working, American guy who came up through the Oilers organization and can contribute on the PP and PK, stick up for your goal scorers by dropping the gloves, and is a great locker room presence. I remember having his rookie card. Where most guys' card featured a picture of them skating around, or at least posing for a promotional shot in their jersey, Mikey Grier's card had a picture of him sitting in full gear on a table in the locker room, grinning while munching on a big piece of pizza.

What the hell? DW, I say take all three of the Sharks' hands. If "an NHL team" just offered you "two NHL players" for Pavelic, make an offer to the Sharks of Pav and White for all three, McLaren, Cheechoo, and Grier. Talk about making your team better right away. Add to that the fact that Cheechoo is under contract until 2011, and the future looks pretty good, too.

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh God....



Mortimer Peacock said...

Okay, alive now, but seriously: If we were to get those three, we might have to give up more than Pavs and White. Maybe Eric Perrin or Colby Armstrong would have to go (or Reasoner), but I say that's worth it if we get Cheechoo, Grier, and McLaren. I can imagine Cheech having serious chemistry with Kovy and Kozzie...and our power play would be feral.

If we kept Perrin and Reasoner, we'd have the best checking line and the best penalty kill in the league if we added Grier.

With McLaren and Grier in the mix NO ONE would touch the Czar ever again.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Except the Czarina, of course. Don't scare Kovy, MP.

Maali said...

listen, lemme tell you something about rosy grier. he's a great player for sure, hard worker all the way, possibly one of the nicest men you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. but when that guy was on the caps, i had the questionable pleasure of being a STH (those were the leeeeeean years) and mike grier couldn't finish a snickers bar. we need guys here with finish. also finnish, but that's another story. he was so bad that it got to the point where if grier got the puck on the breakaway, no one bothered to cheer, because we knew he'd donk it up.

MAYBE he's learned how to finish, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks. thanks, but no thanks. PASS.