Monday, September 22, 2008

News from Everywhere

- It appears Chris Pronger has gotten himself a blog. And he can spell! So far the content isn't spell-binding: it's mostly stuff about groins and re-hydrating. I suspect things will get more interesting when the season starts (more hilarious attempted murders on the ice, juicy secrets about Teemu Selanne's locker-room voodoo rituals, etc. ). Big Shooter, have at it with the nasty comments. He does allow them.

- Razor Catch Prey has already reported on this, but it appears the San Jose Sharks' young and talented checking center Torrey Mitchell has gone down with a fractured something or other and will be out for eight full weeks. What is it with the Sharks and injuries? You'd think they played hockey all the time or something. Anyway, the Sharks now have a gaping hole on the Mike Grier Line...might I steal a line from Razor and suggest Todd White? And in return:

- Meanwhile, Steve Stamkos is already scoring goals and whatnot. The Vinny-less Bolts beat the Crosby-and-Malkin-featuring Penguins the other day. My. Also, Sergei Gonchar is injured. Both he and Ryan Whitney will be out for a few weeks. Kris Letang will provide some points, but this is really going to be a stumbling block for the Pens: Whitney and Gonch were their top scoring defensemen.

- Thrashers training camp is on! Mr. Practice has some excellent reports here. My favorite part:
Slava was talking to the police officer who was watching the locker room door and said "You should see my dog, big black German shepherd, OMG."

Some pictures of training camp here. Report of Day 1 from Mike Knobler here.

- Mrs. Lehtonen at Fire Wagon Hockey is freaking out over the lack of pictures coming her way. I would have gone up to Duluth this weekend and photographed the boys in action, but I felt it was more important to sit on my couch and gaze meaningfully at the TV screen.

- John Anderson talks to Mike Knobler, seems confident as ever. Jason Williams might play center on the Czar Line. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.

- Very Serious Sports Commentator Jeff Schultz knows in advance exactly how everything will unfold. What a joke.

- Elsewhere in the world: Regardless of your political slant, does any thinking person actually believe Congress should PASS this piece of shit?


Maali said...

yuh huh. meaningfully. SURE THING MP. but it's okay. i was sent beautiful pictures of the husband stretching and things. i'm now in my happy place!

also pronger's blog surprises me. it's so hard to hate a guy who can string a sentence together in writing...

Maali said...

whoops. hit post too soon. also, who the fuck is jeff schultz? i mean, srsly. why is his opinion more valid than, say, my pet rock's?

since when is it the gov's job to step up and bail out every dipshit who is incapable of figuring out an income to payout ratio?

Big Shooter said...

I have more respect for the fleas on my dogs back than I do for Jeff Dultz.

Razor Catch Prey said...

If you elect Obama, it'll be the government's job to do EVERYTHING for EVERYONE.

Mortimer Peacock said...

RCP, don't insult your own intelligence.

Is Obama really recommending the government do EVERYTHING for you and me and everyone else? Or is he merely suggesting the government take some responsibility in areas of public (as opposed to just personal) interest like, say, education?

I mean, you already rely on the government to do all kinds of things for you. You more or less pay it to protect you with fire departments, policemen, the armed forces, and the CIA. You DO know that the largest area of federal investment is the military, right? If you're the small-gov't conservative you claim to be, SURELY you'd support cutting the Pentagon's budget? I mean, the "troops'" funds should be cut if you mean what you say. Don't be a welfare queen.

I'm not sure about you, but I know for a fact that the material conditions of my life aren't entirely a result of my own efforts and achievement. It's not like I was born into straw poverty and worked my way into a pleasant apartment through sheer grit and determination and hard work. I seriously doubt my life would be the same if, say, I'd been born to a single mother in the ghetto. Perhaps everything you have IS due to your own hard work, but you'd be in the minority. Congrats if that IS the case.

And as for the bail-out: surely you can see a moral and economic difference between using taxpayer money to subsidize the very people who've caused this financial crisis--rewarding their irresponsibility really--and using taxpayer money to deliver actual services to actual taxpayers for their money. This is essentially a massive transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to the wealthiest people in our society, and beyond that it's a way of ensuring that Wall Street folk can make all the money they want and never worry about risk and loss. The profits stay private, but the risk/loss is socialized. Corporate socialism, basically.

Mortimer Peacock said...

P.S. Vis-a-vis the gov't telling you what to do, don't get me started on the Republicans. They may not want the government to builds schools or libraries or hospitals, or to protect national parks or to invest in alternative energy or stem cell research, but by God they want to government to tell you who you can and can't sleep with, what deity to worship, exactly where human life begins, what amendments in the Bill of Rights can be discarded in the name of Security, etc.

The Republican school of gov't intrusion applies to people far beyond our shores as well, of course. They reserve the right to tell Iraqis and Afghans and Palestinians they need to be killed, tortured, or divested of their property in the name of Progress or Democracy or Jesus or Fighting Them Over There whatever idiotic abstraction they dig that week.

Apparently Governor Sarah Palin wanted the government to tell the townsfolk of Wasilla, Alaska which books they could and couldn't read. Freedom! Self-reliance!