Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More McLaren-Schneider Madness

Yes, I am hammering away on these two stories. 

Someone has to at least TRY and rectify this team's line-up. The Atlanta Spirit might need some cattle-prodding from the Chronicle.

Ken Klee wouldn't be the "multi-player deal" Anaheim Ducks GM Brian Burke seems to be working on to rectify his team's salary cap situation in order for Teemu Selanne to get some Geico during training camp.

One late potential location for Schneider is St. Louis, according to The Fourth Period.
Here's something about Schneider I think we can all agree on: The notion that he, or any other high-priced veteran, "deserves to be dealt to Cup contender" in a capped culture is asinine. He chose to sign with the Ducks in July 2007 when people were still talking about Scott Niedermayer's "retirement" as temporary.

He rolled the dice, and Brian Burke owes him a trade to the Red Wings as an apology? Please.
Amen to that, P-Dad. 

Meanwhile, Kevin Allen of USA Today gets it:

If the Thrashers could get Schneider, their defense is upgraded significantly. They then would have three puck movers in Schneider, Ron Hainsey and Tobias Enstrom, plus a dependable defenseman in Niclas Havelid, a tough and rugged defenseman in Garnet Exelby and perhaps a wild card in first-round draft pick Zach Bogosian.

Whatever chance the Thrashers have to improve on last season will center on how improved their defense will be. Schneider could significantly upgrade that unit.

Yes, yes, and yes. 


Big Shooter said...

Well done my friend.

The Chronicle has reached the point to where when I want Thrashers news, it is the first place I go because I know it will be there.

A bit overboard at times, but impressive nonetheless.

Mortimer Peacock said...

You have to do something to occupy yourself while you're sitting around waiting for season tickets to arrive.

Big Shooter said...

Just read that Schneider was never put on re-entry waivers because the Ducks would be responsible for 1/2 the salary, and they would then not have the cap room to sign Selanne.

I was wondering about that. I say one way or another we get an additional D man before Oct 10.