Saturday, September 13, 2008

Custance Meets JR

Via Puck Daddy:


SN: Everybody assumes you'll do TV after you retire. Is that where you're headed?

Roenick: I love the camera. The camera is great for me. It was something that I gravitated to very quickly when I became a pro. My first attitude was, the media has a job to do. I'm going to make it as easy as I can for them to do their job. In doing that, I said what I felt, and wasn't worried about the consequences of it. It just blossomed from there. I'm one of those guys who doesn't care if he looks like an idiot. Embarrassment isn't in my vocabulary.
SN: How has your media-friendly attitude affected your career?

Roenick: I haven't become as popular as I've become in the sport just because of my on-ice numbers. People know me because of the things I'd say. There are a lot of people who say negative publicity is what opens up doors — whatever kind of doors it opens. Nobody wants to hang out with blah, 'We came out, wanted to work hard tonight.' Nobody wants to hear the cliches that go around way too many times. They want to hear, 'Screw that guy or the refs sucked.' The media has made me a lot more popular, but they have thrown me under the bus, too.

SN: So what will it be after you retire — television, radio, movies, coaching ...

Roenick: I think all of the above. I really want to look at the opportunity of staying in the game in the management side. I don't know about coaching, I wouldn't mind being a coach. I wouldn't want to do the two or three years in the minors before I spend my time in the show. I have a couple guys I work with who are determined to make me a Hollywood star. They put me in all these things to get my resume as many TV jobs as possible. I've been in early talks with Sirius Radio, doing a show for Sirius. I have a lot of business deals constantly coming my way.

P. Diddy gets the last word: "Is it wrong to want the Sharks to win it all this season so we can see Roenick with the Stanley Cup? Or, more to the point, Roenick's day with the Stanley Cup?"

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