Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Defensemen Hoping to be Traded

The Red Wings are looking to get back under the cap. With that said, there are about four defensemen that the Red Wings are talking about moving: Andreas Lilja, Derek Meech, Kyle Quincey or Brett Lebda. Lilja is the highest paid one, so they'd want to move him hopefully. Not a bad guy either, but he is older and has less of an upside apparently according to this article

"We got a lot of players battling for jobs," coach Mike Babcock said. "I got 10 NHL defensemen, can't have 10. I got a whole pile of NHL forwards, can't have that; got three NHL goalies, can't have that. So there's going to be some real battles."

The thing is though, all of these players love and I mean love being Red Wings. How can you blame them, except for wanting to be physically in Detroit, but from a professional standpoint, why would want to leave?

So there are four more guys, that maybe we could pick up. Obviously, the Wings don't want anymore players. They'd go for a draft pick. So take what you will. There it is, and so it was. More options.


Maali said...

lilja or lebda would be good veteran guys, and they're not as freakin' old as schneider, i think. meecher and quinny are great guys, but they've got at most 3 years pro under their belts? not sure. could be a good situation, could be a bad situation. one of those things i think where only the actual exercise will determine if the execution is as great as the theory.

did that make sense? i need more coffee...

FrenchCatalogues said...

it does, i had to have some coffee to finish that post. I do agree about Quincey and Meech they could be good, but down the line would they be better than Boris or Kulda in the future. That's the thing. Uncertainties and whatnot.