Thursday, September 11, 2008

More (Possible) Thrashers-Sharks Synergy

Ben Wright of the Blueland Blog sensibly keeps his "Jump to Conclusions Mat" locked away and out of reach, but he can't help but wonder about these two items from Kevin Allen at USA Today:

The Atlanta Thrashers hope to land another defenseman, possibly even unrestricted free agent Marek Malik, although they are considering other options. They still plan to give rookie Zach Bogosian the opportunity to make the team.
The San Jose Sharks might trade defenseman Kyle McLaren. With the acquisition of Dan Boyle and Rob Blake, McLaren seems expendable, particularly since he will be unrestricted next summer.

Hmm hmm HMM? Here are the Chronicle we live on Jump to Conclusions Mats. A draft pick for McLaren? Todd White and a draft pick for McLaren and Cheechoo/Clowe/Pavelski?

A man can dream.

For the record, Razor Catch Prey was on this story long ago. Seriously, read the post. He summarizes McLaren's game perfectly.

McLaren would be awesome. He had a drop in point production last year, but look at his numbers from the three seasons before that. And points aren't really the point of Kyle McLaren. This is:

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