Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lightning 4 Thrashers 1: Epic Failure

First off, please read Morty's post below. If only we had Indiana Jones on our team. I try not to post right after someone else, but I had to put up this quote from John Anderson:

“Our give-a-crap level was like at zero,” Anderson said. “After we have a big win [Friday] against Vancouver, against a real good hockey team, we throw that game. I’ve got to question whether anybody cares in that locker room. That’s a joke.”

The fact that we have gone this far, and probably will go the ENTIRE year without naming a Captain tells you all you need to know about the heart of this team. John Anderson should make every single Atlanta Thrasher sit down and watch Canada and Sweden play tomorrow night in the Gold Medal Game at the World Junior Tournament so they can realize what it is like to see guys playing for each other.

If you aren't pissed off right now there is something deeply wrong with you.

-Big Shooter


Anonymous said...

For fucks sake can someone teach defensive resposibility to this team. If we let a 4' 95 pound forward camp out in front of our net we are fucked. The defense just watches. On one of those rediculously easy goals last night the defensman just sat at the corner of the goal and watched the guy skate behind the net pass it to st. louis for the easy goal, and DID NOT MOVE AN INCH. He must have been seriously impressed. Buy a fucking ticket next time, there is alot available.

Anonymous said...

It's now time for Anderson to show he is the coach and ream each of the players. Work their butts off in practice and sit the non-productive and/or the don't give a s--- attitude. Enough is enough. We a trade or two. But the real changes that positively need to be made is that Waddell is FIRED and somehow an owner(one) is found who cares and understands hockey. Last night's game was pitiful and ranked no higher than an AHL performance at best.

Big Shooter said...

Anonymous -


Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

God, I'm beyond pissed. What're the 5 stages of grief again? Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance?

Let's see... I was in denial after the slow start, I was pissed off after the games started getting worse... I hit bargaining when we were winning a game once in a blue moon - "If we could just win two in a row?"

I think I'm at Depression. The team's obviously at acceptance.