Friday, January 2, 2009

Is There Room on the Planet for Short Funny Blog Posts About Dongs?

The Chronicle (and venerable Gawker-owned sports comedy blog Deadspin, plus nearly everyone else on the planet with a sense of humor) says yes. 

New England Comcast Sportsnet says no. Must be the Puritan heritage in those parts. 

The offending piece is here. It's an account of being a female sports reporter and whether or not hanging out with a bunch of naked dudes in the locker room is distracting or offensive...shockingly, the author reveals that she's actually capable of doing her job without being either hypnotized or repelled by naked dudes:

Since I've started covering sports, I've seen enough cock to fill a few issues of Rent Boy magazine. Does it get in the way of me doing my job? Not at all. Of course, it's something you get used to.

She didn't write this piece for New England Comcast Sportsnet; she wrote it for Deadspin, which is, like I said, a well-known profane comedy blog. It's not that she submitted something inappropriate to the Puritans; they simply can't stand the fact that she wrote about dicks for a comedy site, so they fired her. 

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Razor Catch Prey said...

Ridiculous, but predictable. All it really takes is one or two vocally-offended morons to cause a knee jerk over-reaction.

On the subject- I certainly was uneasy with the nakedness the one time I went to the locker room with a press pass, and I'm a guy. I interviewed Ray Chicken Parm Ferarro because he was the one wearing pants.