Thursday, January 22, 2009

What To Do...

Don't think I'm going off on the team by that title; actually, quite the contrary. This is more of an extension to what Ben Wright has to say. Basically, what would you do in the off-season?

I have to admit I'm really enjoying Rich Peverley right now. I get really excited when watching him and Kovy together. He is fast and moves the puck really well. He is also very creative and finds interesting areas or ways to put the puck to another player or to the net.

Remind you of somebody else on that line? Kovy moves at his will and skillfully moves around traffic. We thought Christensen was going to be the guy that could do that, but he doesn't do well in high traffic areas. Last night was a heartbreaking loss. Yet, did anyone see the play that lead to Kovy's goal? One great pass to Army and another to Kovy, it was wonderful.

So my question is this: If we go for those top two guys in the draft, which one would you want? If Kovy feels confident and pleased with Peverley then should we stick with him, and build more upon our young defense and get Hedman? We could then focus on getting another right winger. The thing is, I'm really happy with our top two lines right now. Army has been playing well with those two, and he hasn't done anything for me to think otherwise right now.

As we all know, our PK is awful. Truly awful. Right now, maybe Hedman is the ticket. It wouldn't hurt to have Hedman, Hainsey, Toby, Bogo, Boris, X and presumably Oystrick and Kulda (maybe). Then we could also go for a another stay-at-home defensemen just for good measure.

But, John Tavares is John Tavares. He is going to be a big deal, and could you imagine him with Kovy? It's all endless speculation. I go back and forth on both players, but we have wanted a number one center forever. I guess if we pass, then we are foolish. In theory we could make it Kovy, Pevs, and Tavares on the wing. That'd be pretty cool man....

I honestly don't think we are going to get the number one. The Islanders will most likely get that. So it all matters on who they get, and I think we should just win as much as we can to show progress. That'd really defeat the purpose and idea of Peverley being the center. So, hopefully we'll get higher up in the standings because no one wants to finish like we did last year two years in a row.

I'm curious as to what people think. I remember reading on a website, that great centers are wonderful, but stud defensemen come around only so often. Yet, Hedman doesn't center Kovy, and Tavares just kicks ass.

Side note: There is an article about Daultan Leveille on how he is playing very well at Michigan State in his freshman year.


Mortimer Peacock said...

To be honest, I think the decision has already been made for us. A Kovy-Peverley-Tavares line would be ferocious, but we simply aren't going to become worse than the Islanders. The Thrashers are bumbling and heartbreaking with flashes of greatness (and sometimes goodness); the current Islanders are just a haunted clown toilet of awfulness.

The Islanders will have the number one pick, and they'll draft Tavares. If we're in the top two, you can be sure we'll be #2 and we'll get Hedman.

Hedman and Enstrom can play together. Swede and Swede.

aaron said...

Stud defensemen are wonderful, but only if you have the veterans to help them along. Schnieder is gone by the deadline- I'm convinced. His presence has really helped Bogo find his game, I think. Who would we have left to mentor Hedman? Hainsey and the kid's table. I'd rather see us draft for a more immediate offensive impact. Even if Tavares only plays 3rd line minutes, that might mean an extra 20-25 goals. I'm more worried about re-signing the RFAs like Army; I think he's the type of guy a team wouldn't mind losing a 2nd rounder for, and it might not take much more than matching our offer to entice him to another (better) team.

aaron said...

Morty makes a good point; I defer. Hedman it is.

FrenchCatalogues said...

I thought we had Army for at least one more season. The thing is, we have been playing very well lately. I just feel like something special is about to happen. Sure not playoffs, but just look at Bogo. I wonder how many shots he had last night.

I agree with Aaron about the defenseman being with an older one. I guess Hainesy would be our best Vet by that point. Havelid helped Toby and Schneider helped Bogo. I would like the two draft picks, but I hope for our franchise sake that we don't get them. Hopefully we'll get a pick more to the bottom. I just want us to play well.

Razor Catch Prey said...

"Haunted clown toilet of awfulness." Beautiful. Just beautiful.

I think we could replace Army fairly easily. There are tough guys who can score and pass out there, just not elsewhere on OUR roster.

However, I also agree that we're not going to have a top 4 draft pick now. The play of the Czar's Pevish Army has totally revived my sense of hope. It's practically impossible that the Thrashers make the playoffs at this point, but we will move up in the standings.

Anonymous said...

The Thrashers will probably play themselves out of Tavares, but if they did have a chance to get him, why not draft him and trade high on Todd White? Little-Tavares-Kozlov? Todd White for Chris Pronger maybe?