Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cats 8 Birds 4

Has it come to this that the boys play fairly well in the 1st and at the end of the period the score is 3-1 (the wrong way)? Two of those 3 goals Kari should have had in his back pocket. That third period was awful. By everyone. Awful.

So we picked up some guy named Peverley.
I'm not trying to judge him just yet, I have never seen him play. All I'm going to say is it seems as though the merry-go-round is making another pass:

“He’s a highly skilled guy,” Waddell said. “He’s a guy we’ve really liked for a long time. He gives us another guy who can pass the puck and help on the offensive side.”

Come on. Really? We've heard this before DW. Some guy the Preds gave up on is not the answer. I'm sick and tired of DW's BS. Now, if Peverley comes in and puts up numbers, I'll take it back. It's just that I've seen this all before.

Enough bitching for now. I hope you all enjoy this week's episode of Coach's Corner. It's a good one:

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Tiffany said...

heartbroken. i am absolutely heartbroken. ARE YOU GOING TONIGHT? WILL YOU TELL THE HUSBAND I LOVE HIM AND BELIEVE IN HIM? or, you know, you can phrase that however.

Big Shooter said...

Is tonight Casino night? I'm not going, too expensive.

I know we drafted Kari and this is his second home, but at this point don't you think even he wouldn't be opposed to a trade?

This team sucks.

Tiffany said...

no no. i want him traded. out. gone. bye bye! off to a market that appreciates the sport and a team that knows how to actually play. i just can't imagine today's the best name day he's ever had though.