Thursday, January 29, 2009

GAME DAY: New York Islan--These Guys Again?

Presumably there are ways to defeat the Islanders.

And ways, if you're a hockey player that plays for the Thrashers, to seriously inflate your personal statistics against the Islanders.

This means you, Slava.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Vasily Livanov. He played Sherlock Holmes in over 20 Soviet-made films. Yes, for some reason the Soviet regime allowed Sherlock movies...anyway, some people consider him a better impersonator of Sherlock Holmes than most of his English counterparts. That redoubtable anti-Communist Margaret Thatcher even awarded him the OBE. Not that Livanov ever cared about the silly official ideology in the Soviet Union. 

POINT IS, comrades, Slava Kozlov's approach to the game is cerebral and deductive, much like Sherlock's approach to solving mysteries. We need our own Russian Sherlock to find a way to get past the storied Islanders defense and score his 17th through 20th goals of the season. Which shouldn't be too hard, since Slava has scored 34 points against the Islanders in 38 games.

Do it, sir.

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aaron said...

That, gentlemen, is why you've ascended to being tertiary while the bourgeois commonfolk like myself remain marginal: the ability to bring the culture.

Go Thrashers.