Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Word or Two About the Canucks Game

- Contrary to what I said in this post, there actually is one way of avoiding getting tortured and eaten by a killer whale: 

Joseph S. Crabb's short-handed goal was huge. Add to that stunning goals by both of our great Russians, the Czar and his top general Slava, plus Erik Christensen's beautiful shootout game-winner, and you're looking at a...what do they call it? A STELLAR PERFORMANCE BY YOUR ATLANTA THRASHERS.

- Seriously, how awesome is Kovalchuk? He even thanked the crowd (meaning us) during his post-game interview for being so loud and raucous during the game. If only I could thank him in person...

- I was grumbling all through the game about Erik Christensen's customary twelve hundred missed shots, but his goal in the shootout was a thing to behold. He has excellent hands in a one-on-one situation--in a shootout or a breakaway--but for some reason he freaks out in high-traffic, high-intensity areas. Strange.

- The Thrashers beat a good team in what I think was the most exciting game of the year. Rejoice. Hell, let's savor this while we can:

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Razor Catch Prey said...

I am so ashamed that I wasn't there to perform the ritual Crab Dance. I will make up for it by doing a Crab Dance next time Joseph S. Crabb does anything that makes the stat sheet. Shot, offsides, penalty, whatever.