Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Was There a Game Last Night? Because If So...

Here at the Chronicle we often joke about how we spend our evenings carousing with supermodels in glamorous hotel lounges and nightclubs. Ha ha he, it doesn't really take place: in actual fact, we spend most of our free time urban-duck-hunting and betting on the dog races.

But last night, I have to admit, Monsieur and myself missed the ENTIRE game against the Dallas Stars because we were getting blaggered in a hideously tacky hotel lounge high above Buckhead. There were many hideously tacky females on hand; strangely enough, they didn't seem impressed when I told them I was the editor of a marginal blog about the Atlanta Thrashers. Why is this?

1 comment:

aaron said...

It's ok, the team didn't show up either.

And marginal? No sir. You gentlemen rate at least tertiary.