Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dispensing Away

Well there you have it, another win. My goodness, something is up. It'd be foolish to think that Kovy getting the C wouldn't have something to do with it. There seems like a sense of direction, hell, even purpose. Then you have these two guys.......... Bogo and the Pevs Dispenser.

So, these two get back at the same time and start producing. These were two players I wasn't expecting much from immediately. Bogo is so young that I was willing to be patient. Pevs on the other hand, I was expecting Eric Christensen part two. But my, I was wrong, and I am always willing to admit when I'm wrong. I am, despite what some might think. Look back down to the Vegas Leafs post where Rawhide laid it out for me in the comments. Then you have Kari who has been playing mighty well himself lately as well. That second period wasn't quite up to par, then in the third Kari came up huge.

It was a thrilling game. Tomorrow we go to our "Achilles Heel," the Philadelphia Flyers. Nittymaki, as we know, makes us look like fools. It'd be nice to make him look like a fool for once.


Anonymous said...

its amazing how good kovys line looks now, they look like they have been playing together for years instead of days. kovy does look like hes playing more with a purpose, dunno if that has to do with the C on his jersey or the fact that he can trust his linemates and play more of his game. i cant recall kovy going down low into the corners trying to dig out pucks much in the first half of the season and im pretty sure i saw him down low grinding serveral times this game, gods i love these new thrashers.

on another note ill be paying someone to sneak into the flyers locker room to put icyhot on nittys jock.

FrenchCatalogues said...

I did want to say I thought Kovy had a very good game despite what it said on the scoreboard. He got robbed on a hell of a save and was creating opportunities.

The Pevs Dispenser was really something to watch tonight. Hopefully we will continue. I just like to see this kind of stuff happen. I'm not seeing playoffs in this season of course, but winning is so damn nice.