Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Lord God Has News for You

Happy Sunday, everyone. The Baby Jesus has been around for DAYS now. 

- Sidney Crosby is still an ass-rabbit. Did anyone notice 1) that our Southeast Division colleagues/rivals the Florida Panthers totally murdered the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday, and 2) that Sidney Crosby is an ass-rabbit? 

Says Nick Boynton of the Cats:

"That was just embarrassing. I can understand a little bit what he was trying to do, but that's a not a very professional move. You ask a guy to fight. You don't jump a guy when his head is down taking a faceoff. That's pretty immature and childish. He's just, whatever. He's not happy with the way things are going and he was trying to get his team going. But there's no need for that.''

Reminds me of his stupid penalties against the Czar and Field Marshal Kozlov. 

What a loser. 

- Meanwhile, you're a sad lost soul indeed if you missed Mike Grier's two goals (which really ought to qualify as a Mike Grier Hat Trick; am I right?) in a rip-roaring Sharks vs. Islanders game that went on late into the Pacific night. The best team in the league taking on the worst team: the Sharks conceded a bit more to the Isles than they should have (how DO they score all those short-handed goals?), but they won in the end. Ryan Clowe (my favorite power forward in the league, after Iginla and Shane Doan) scored himself a goal, and Jonathan Cheechoo had three assists. That's awesome, in case you didn't realize. 

- Oh yeah, Nabokov had a great save...


Here it comes...




- If there was ever a compelling argument against democracy, the voting for this season's starting line-up in the All Star Game is it. No Sharks in the line-up, no Bruins (not even Savard or Kessel or Tim Thomas), no Ovechkin, no Jeff Carter or Thomas Vanek or Zach Parise. I'll concede that Evgeni Malkin is the finest player in the NHL right now, but seriously...four Canadiens? I disagree strongly, with the possible exception of Andrei Markov (who I voted for myself). I mean, seriously...KOVALEV? 

Turning towards the West: I love Ryan Getzlaf, but does he really deserve to be among the starters? And Giguerre over Nabokov or Luongo (even in absentia) or Dwayne Roloson (who's been fantastic this year)? 

Fuck off. 

- Does anyone else find it interesting that our colleagues/rivals the Kitties have a realistic chance of making the playoffs this year?

- Now then. Remember that Sidney Crosby is an ass-rabbit.

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Anonymous said...

I told you ol' high school musical would only get worse until the NHL steps in or more importantly the players step in. I can't wait until he gets the jordin tootoo treatment for that shit he is pulling. Plus I think their coach is a whiney little french bitch, I remember him just cryin during the stanley cup finals and taking no responsibility for their play. It was all those big bad Red Wings that shouldn't be allowed to play so hard.