Sunday, January 4, 2009


Man, am I awake or what? 

A truly visionary fellow on the official Thrashers message board, one ThrashersKid of Dunwoody (where Big Shooter, Monsieur and I dined the other night after the victory...EXCELLENT Sangrias in Dunwoody), has suggested that your ATL Thrash turn Tobias Enstrom into a forward, if only as an experiment, for this evening's joust against the Tampa Bay Lighting. One night only, as it were, if it doesn't work. And many nights hence, if it does. 

Your Chronicle editor says, "Why not?"

Do it. 

The Minnesota Wild have tried similar things with Brent Burns, just for the hell of it. And Washington has done it in reverse, with that Sergei Fedorov dude. 

Do it. 

Hey, look at this:

And more importantly, look at this:


Big Shooter said...


Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh come on now. Thinking about this in the cold, sober light of day has made me realize even more what a genius idea this is.

I mean, we have so much depth at D...I don't see the problem, frankly.