Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Isles Hungry for a Goalie

In case you missed the newest chapter in the slapstick comedy that is the New York Islanders existence, Columbus claimed Wade Dubielewicz off re-entry waivers on Saturday. Dubs was the Islanders desperate attempt to fill the hole left by injuries to Rick DiPietro (he of the 1138 year contract) and his backup Joey MacDonald (who probably has only an 89 year contract).

While this is all eerily familiar to us Thrasher fans who suffered through the post-lockout season when Pasi Nurminen's career was ended by a knee injury, I still can't help but laugh because it is the Islanders.

Aside from the comedy inherent in all of this, it brings up the point that this is a team that absolutely has to find a decent netminder as soon as possible. Along with Edmonton, Atlanta is one of the most prominent teams with an overabundance of NHL caliber goalies. The Oil moved one of their extras this weekend, and they may still re-gift Sabourin. He looks to still be an AHL goalie, but is better than what the Isles have now.

I would say that it is a given that Garth Snow (hee hee) will be calling DW this week to talk about acquiring either Pav or Kari. The question I have is whether or not the Islanders have anything (other than the top pick in this year's draft, which they're NOT desperate enough to trade to us) we'd want.

I could see swapping first round picks (likely meaning Atl would get the #1 and the Islanders the #4 or 5) and taking a highly touted prospect or young roster player for Pav. The Isles being what they are, I just don't know enough about any of their players other than Commrie, Weight, Guerin, and DiPietro. Do they have anyone under the age of 30 who would be worth trading Pav?


aaron said...

Other than Okposo? Maybe Blake Comeau; but I can't see them giving him up.

The Falconer said...

Is Pavalec back from his groin injury?

Anonymous said...

They should grab Richard Park just to help fill some seats... Atlanta has one of the largest Korean populations in the US (I think 2nd to California) and it wouldn't hurt to try to spread hockey into some new but local markets.

Anonymous said...

so i just got down watching the thrashers game. great game thrash, but i was watching it on RDS on the internet and had to sit through two and a half hours of french language TV and i dont get to hear one exagerated sterotypical french laugh, not one. you know the one that goes rouhouhouhouhouh(thats the best i could do). i think ive lost the will to live.