Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Half Way Mark Of The Season...

I must admit first off, I fell asleep about 10 minutes after the game started so I didn't get to see much of it. 2009 has already been a long year for me! But after reading the recap in the AJC this morning, I can see it is the same old stuff. "Some guys aren't playing an entire 60 minutes." "We don't have enough talent not to try every game." "We ran into a really hot goalie tonight."


Every single person associated with the Atlanta Thrashers should be ashamed to look at themselves in the mirror. These guys get payed waaaaaaaay too much money to not at least try every night. The Pens were at the low point of their season last night. Thank God we came along just in time. The only positive thing I can think of is that Army dropped the gloves right off the bat. The fight ended in horrific defeat for him, but at least he showed up.

Where is the Atlanta Spirit? Isn't this the time when they should come out of the woods and give Waddell the dreaded "vote of confidence"? How can they let this continue without at least some sort of comment? In an ideal world I'm sure they would like to wait until after the court case is settled in Feb to make a move, but right now Feb seems sooooo far away. And we need to make a GM move NOW so the new guy has time to evaluate talent (or lack thereof) before the trade deadline.

Craig Patrick - 2 Stanley Cups, Gold Medal
Neil Smith - Stanley Cup
Jay Feaster - Stanley Cup
Pat Quinn - Gold Medal (Everything else as well but a Stanley Cup)

And that list is just off the top of my head at 6:45 in the AM. You know what the forward thinking St. Louis Blues did? Larry Pleau, a fine GM, is going to retire I believe next year. Last year the Blues hired Doug Armstrong (Stanley Cup) and named him Larry's replacement when he retires and have had both of them on staff discussing moves. Why can't John Davidson work for us (sigh).

Make a move now Atlanta Spirit!!! I mean Jan 7th. TODAY!! This BS cannot be allowed to go on any longer. At least bring back guys from the 1999 team (my God has it come to this?). Those guys lost every game but they TRIED! Ed Ward, anyone?

What scares me is, if they are not going to fire Waddell now, how far do we have to sink before they actually think a firing is deserved?

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Anonymous said...


Big Shooter said...

Craig Patrick is my guy, but I'd take any of those four over what we have now.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Jesus, Shooter, even Waddell is better than Neil Smith. Hell, Garth Snow is better than Neil Smith!

Smith's Stanley Cup was with the Rangers in '94. He got all those old Oilers by trading away all their prospects and draft picks. After they won the Cup, the team this disappeared from the realm of relevancy for the next 12 years. He's the one who tried to get Sakic as an RFA, and instead brought in Theo Fleury and Lefebvre and any other Av who was over the hill but willing to sign for ten times what he was worth.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we as fans have done enough. We MUST chant fire Don Maddell for 60 minutes, throw shit on the ice, pour beer in the penalty box, start a dumpster fire (besides the on on the ice). ASG does not feel embarasment apparently. Without ESPN mocking us on a nightly basis, they won't get it. That may be the scariest thing of all is that the only people that notice

Mortimer Peacock said...

What a coincidence, I fell asleep about five minutes in.

I agree with Jointhead: next Thrashers home game, we need to chant "FIRE WADDELL!" the ENTIRE game.

Time to take matters into our own hands, and stuff.

Big Shooter said...

Neil Smith = 1 Stanley Cup

Don Waddell = What exactly?

Razor, I know you hate Neil Smith, but you would be hard pressed to come up with an argument that Don Waddell is better than him. Smith isn't even my fourth choice for a replacement, but I'd take him over DW right now.

RC said...

the only up side to this season is the posiblity in winning the lottery and getting john tavares

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Anonymous said...

That's funny, I fell asleep 10 minutes BEFORE the game started. It's like I already knew. I saw highlights(lowlights?) and I wonder what Armstrong's face looked like the next morning. I think Kovy should throw down next game. Or at the very least punch a defenseman in the twig and berries. Show some fight Goddamnit! I'll be at the Toronto game on the 16th. I have no problem chanting FIRE WADDELL. Hell, from my section(313) it just might echo.