Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burnside At It Again

Scott Burnside is pissing me off again. He claims Kovy is going to be gone by the deadline and all that fun stuff that people who don't read quotes from Kovy say.

I mean: really, Scott? I'm calling you out right now. Do you read the news? Do you actually turn on the television? Do you listen to what Kovy actually says? Do you really call yourself a sports journalist? Should I rather now associate you with Hockey Buzz? Are you Eklund?

Where is this information that you have about him leaving? He says "Elvis has left the building and so have the majority of Thrashers fans." You know, I'm still here. I'm still going to be here, and I hope Kovy will want to be here and work with the team and lift it. These type of comments are starting to get personal. I'm sorry but why would someone make him captain if they knew he was going to be gone immediately? DW has done some interesting things, as we all know, but he's not completely delusional.

This kind of admission of defeat and the loss of Kovy would mean naming Army or somebody else the captain. This is Kovy's team, and he knows it. He has love and pride for the city and the team. His family likes it here. He likes it here. We love him being here.

We love players like Bogosian and Brian Little, but there is only one Kovalchuk. The team knows it, DW knows it, JA knows it, the fans know it, and hell, even the Spirit knows it. Trading Kovalchuk now is Sherman marching to the sea once again, figuritively speaking of course. So Scott, I ask you one more time: Did you talk to Kovy? Did he tell you he wants to leave for Montreal? Where is YOUR source? Don't just speculate. He isn't Hossa.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Burnside's source is Burnside's rectum, from which he pulls most of his speculations and predictions about the Thrashers. This is honestly on the same level of when we talk about how awesome it would be to get Dustin Brown or Patrick O'Sullivan (the difference being we don't literally expect any of this to actually happen, whereas Burnside publishes these musings as certain facts in a major sports magazine). It's just Burnside sitting around saying "Oh man wouldn't it be cool if Kovalchuk played with Sidney Crosby?"

Mortimer Peacock said...

Another thing:

Why the hell do Burnside and his ilk automatically assume that Kovalchuk is just like Hossa? The Hossa situation was different: Hossa was imported from another team, and he felt no special connection to the team because of the draft or whatever else. Kovy clearly does, to the team and to the city. Unless all of these articles that quote Kovy saying as much are figments of our imaginations.