Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well That Didn't Turn Out Well


So your Chronicle scribes witnessed most of the first period (Shooter, Monsieur, and myself were in our customary seats on the upper level; Razor had the opportunity to enjoy patrician wining and dining in the club section tonight), realized the Thrashers must really suck if they'd given up 4 goals to the Islanders, and decided to wander around Philips Arena until death came.

Our first stop was the pretzel place. After that, we sat around drinking beer in the huge concourse on the lower level. Shooter and I noted what a gorgeous arena Philips really is as Monsieur spewed bile about how much he hated the Thrashers and how they'd ruined his life, forever.

We eventually went to Taco Mac and ate a FULL MEAL and discussed astrology with the waitress. Your Chronicle editor has to admit he sort of believes in it. If you must know, Shooter is a Cancer, Monsieur is a Taurus, and I'm an Aquarius. Pretty sure Razor is a Capricorn. If you did natal charts on all of us they'd be pretty accurate.

ANYWAY, we were totally sitting in Taco Mac when three Thrashers scored goals and narrowed the Islanders' lead to 4-3. We demanded checks, paid most of what we owed, and ran like hell back to our seats.

It was then that we realized the Thrashers' main problem. We, the Chronicle, bring them bad luck. We were there for the Islanders' 4 goals in the first period, we weren't there for the Thrashers' comeback, and wouldn't you know it? As soon as we got back the Islanders scored again and we all had a sad.

I'm flirting with the idea of starting a poll: "Do the Chronicle scribes bring the Thrashers bad luck?"


FrenchCatalogues said...

this poll could be trouble

Anonymous said...

ASG are the ones bringing the bad luck. Maybe your movements just mirror that of Don "snake eyes" Waddell and you are just not aware. However if fan luck were at play here we would all be homeless with scrotum cancer.