Monday, January 19, 2009

The News is a Fan of Yours

- Jeremy Roenick actually responds, in person (but through an inhuman computer), to fans' email:

I have always done my best to make sure that I give as much time as possible to people who are nice enough to ask for my autograph and if I have time for a short chat, it will happen. Unfortunately in today's professional sports there are far to many athletes who don't show the appreciation back to the fans. It's not very difficult to take a couple minutes out of your day to sign an autograph, shake a hand, or just simply say hi and flash a smile. If it weren't for the fans, all of our jobs would be diminished to basic men's sports leagues with a designated post game beer supplier.

It truly amazes me how many people are curious about who is reading and responding to the emails they are sending me, and my reaction to that curiosity is that I can't blame you, because usually there is no response or an automated response. My mission is to be different, one personal response at a time!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: even if they weren't a magnificent team, the San Jose Sharks would  be honor-bound to win the Stanley Cup this year, for JR. 

- Mike Milbury says Don Cherry belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame. James Mirtle agrees. Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy asks whether this is a Pass or a Fail. The Chronicle says Epic Pass, because he's Don Cherry for God's sake. There are countless hockey fans from coast to coast--in Canada and in the United States--who tune in to Hockey Night in Canada just to watch HIM. And his suits, of course. 

As Leahy says, Cherry is a polarizing figure, but I don't see why he has to be. Who cares whether or not you agree with his strong opinions on everything from fighting to European players to bull terriers? I certainly don't agree with everything he says (I think European players are just nifty, and I like his arch-nemesis Ron Wilson, for two things), but I think you'd have to be a soul dead to all fun and showmanship to dislike such a great character. 

He's done more for hockey in the last thirty or so years than anyone except Wayne Gretzky. Put him in the Hall of Fame. 

- Milan Hejduk and Ryan Smyth score their 300th career goals on the same night. In the same arena. Probably on the same team. Congratulations to both of them, even though we Thrasher fans aren't sure what the big deal is. I mean, the Czar will score his 300th goal sometime next week, probably. Or maybe tomorrow. Soon, anyway. 

- Everyone's favorite pretend boyfriend, Bryan Little, has 21 goals on the year. The Czar is just two goals behind. 

- Claude Lemieux is headed to San Jose. To play for the Sharks. In the NHL. 

- Much as I enjoyed watching Bogo, the Czar, Little, and Peverley demolish the Preds on Saturday night, I'm sort of miffed I missed what sounds like an ungodly great game between the Sharks and the Red Wings. Ah well. Small price to pay for watching Nashville burn. 

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