Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where To Go From Here...

Defenseman Garnet Exelby had a lot more to say:

“What has to happen at this point is everybody has to go home and dust off their shiny little mirror and take a look at themselves, because I don’t think everyone in this [locker] room is toeing the line,” Exelby said. “It’s up to the rest of us to hold everybody on this team accountable, because when you have a guy like Johan Hedberg in net, who arguably is the best man that I’ve ever met in professional sports, and you come out and play like that in front of him, when he only gets to play one game every 10 games, I think it’s embarrassing. It makes me sick to my stomach to think our team came out that way for this guy. Everybody has to start battling, and it has to start [Sunday].”

Couldn't have said it better myself X. Just yesterday I had a post trying to be positive. And I still want to be positive, it just makes it tougher to do that after yet another blow-out loss. I have no idea who X was alluding to when he said he didn't think everyone in the locker room was toeing the line. But that quote bothers me. That was the problem we had last year. Something is obviously broken.

All I know is they better come out FLYING tonight. I don't give a sweet who-ha if it is a back to back travel game. At this point there are no more excuses. These guys get paid millions. Millions. It's time for them to start acting like it. There is still time to save this season. We are exactly where we were last year. Same number of games. Same number of points. If you remember we were in first place in Feb of last year before yet another meltdown. It can be done.

If it doesn't change, and we continue to tank, at what point is Waddell shown the door? I like Don, but at this point it is ridiculous. There is some guy named Craig Patrick that needs a job. Waddell should not be fired if there is no plan for a replacement. But in my opinion, you could do a lot worse than Craig Patrick.

Man! Don't know what else to say. At least we have Don Cherry to enjoy. I love how he refers to himself as, "the guy with the little white dog". Classic!!!:

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Anonymous said...

this does remind my of last years crimson tide football team. Great coach trying to teach the players what it takes to be champions, but there were a few pussy pre-maddonas (sic?) splitting the locker room and not giving 100% (I cant' be speaking of the czar can I) This is going to take some time and changes in attitude. I do fear we have not hit bottom yet.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Waddell has done some good things, but a continued tenure as GM is pretty much indefensible in my opinion. He really does need to go.

Mortimer Peacock said...


I think you're about the Czar. I fear he may be the one leading the resistance to Anderson's gameplan...I HOPE that's not the case, but it's hard to avoid concluding just that.

Mortimer Peacock said...

think you're RIGHT about the Czar, that is. Damn words.