Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two Noteworthy Fragments from Knobler

I'm late on this, but Knobler reported yesterday:

Thrashers coach John Anderson, back home in Toronto, entertained a pack of reporters (I counted five video cameras) with stories of the days he and Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson were teammates with the Dallas Black Hawks and the Leafs. They got hazed together as Leafs rookies.

“Instead of shaving our heads, they kind of cut pieces out of it, so we looked like the Sex Pistols,” Anderson said. “They called me Johnny Rotten. They called him Sid Vicious. I said hello to Sid today.”

Amazing. That would make Anderson's tenure as Thrashers head coach the P.I.L. years, then?

Today Knobler writes:

Have arrived in DC after my 4:15 a.m. wakeup call in Toronto. News here is that the Capitals will be without seven starters tonight against the Thrashers, including forwards Sergei Fedorov and Alexander Semin. Other missing players: defensemen Mike Green, John Erskine and Jeff Schultz and forwards Chris Clark and Boyd Gordon.

The Capitals called up four AHL players, all of whom are expected to play tonight.

Oh yes.

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Tiffany said...

am i the only person with the couth and culture to actually get your PIL reference? methinks so. well played.