Thursday, November 6, 2008

Give Me Every Little Thing

So, we won. Thank God. We certainly needed to. I am so happy that Toby is getting the points he deserves. I wish he would shoot more because he really can. Williams got a goal, which is good obviously. Slava "Romero Zombie" Kozlov played as cool as it gets. He just knows where to be and how to act. Kovy wanted to score, but he hit the post I believe. White almost did at point-blank but was robbed.

Christensen tried, but he just couldn't do it. That upsets me: not in a mad way; I just want him to succeed so badly. Back in 1999 when I was a huge Braves fan I was a huge fan of Walt Weiss. He wasn't the greatest player on the team, but for some reason I just wanted the best for him. Christensen is my Thrashers Walt Weiss if that makes any sense at all. I hope the absolute best for him.

OK, so there is this guy named Pavelec. He played a good game. He's a little shaky, but I'll give him credit for the win. There is also a guy named Kari. I love Kari and I want him here. I love Moose too. If I could make a team out of our goalies I would be so happy, but that is just not the case sadly. It's one of those subjects I refrain from talking about because I have affections for all three: Kari is our man and awesome, Moose is a pure soul, and Pavs is a few months older than me, so I admire someone my age playing in the NHL as a goalie. I'll let the people decide on the goalies. I just can't make my decision as to who goes and who stays like in the movie The Seventh Seal.

Then there are the defensemen who took over tonight. The goals let in weren't really Pavs's fault in my opinion. They were Boris's and Oystrik's. Man, I got issues with Boris. I personally think Kulda is a better player and should be here in his stead. I like Oystrick, but Boris is a let down. Boris is just kind of a lumbering giant. Oh well, JA will do what he has to do.

In the end, we won. That's awesome. We had to win; we needed this. It would have been so embarrassing if we lost. Hopefully we'll battle in Buffalo and Carolina. They are both playing well, so good luck boys. With this win, "Give Me Every Little Thing," I'll take it.

Give Me Every Little Thing - The Juan Maclean


A2B said...

I offically love JA. Any other Thrashers team would have caved in after two goals in 17 seconds... not these men. It was awesome to see that transition into the third and see the Thrasers come out gunning for all. Pavlec had some timely saves but Kovy is back to his usual self finally and that opened things up a lot. JA's system is starting to click and I think we are starting to see what everyone feared out of us this season.

Big Shooter said...

Andrew - I think you may be right...