Sunday, November 9, 2008

24 Hour Party People

You know what makes a cool game? A Czar, a Moose, Neil Patrick Harris (Williams), Pat Bateman of American Psycho (Hainsey), Erik Christensen, Eric Perrin and Bryan Little all hanging out with Marty "the Party" Reasoner.

That'd be a cool party.

So we have gone four in a row, very impressive. They boys have till Friday to play again, against the Canes as well. So hopefully they'll enjoy a nice rest and come back at full steam. I just can't help but post this song after looking at Morty's post below. Enjoy.

24 Hr Party People - Happy Mondays

"Our goaltender played really well today. He was really sharp," Atlanta coach John Anderson said. "He was tremendous."

"Our team, we feel if we keep playing hard and don't get too crazy taking chances, we know we will get our own chances," Reasoner said. "We've been able to come back from some deficits the last few games and we are believing in ourselves."

"It went to a run-and-gun style for a while and fortunately we came out on top," said Hedberg, who has seven career wins against the Hurricanes. "That hasn't been the case so far this year. It helped getting the lead at 4-2. We played a solid team game after that. We deserved to get a good win."

"It's a confidence builder for us," Williams said. "I find when you get on a winning streak you want to stay on it as long as possible because anything can happen, especially early in the season. You can go through some adversity right there at the beginning. We were struggling and guys weren't happy, but it's definitely a lot better when you're winning. We want to make sure we take care of the things we're doing and keep going."

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