Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Win Baby

I have a hard time getting my head around a four game winning streak. I mean, come on... its not like I've got a whole lot of experience with this kind of thing. The neat part about all of this is that it is a current winning streak. It might even go on! Some thoughts:

  • Kari is probably in a mental hospital right now. He stands on his head, loses nearly every game, gets hurt, team wins 4 in a row. Big Shooter scored an interview with our young goalie at the mental home after the 5-2 win and he had this to say:

    • Jason Williams seems to be a great pick up at a great price. He has seized the opportunity to play number 1 center to our Czar. Williams turned down more money and more years from other teams to be our #1 guy. After the offseason we had, I don't think we have talked about that enough. What a great man, that Williams. He is breezing through the NHL just like he did through High School:

    • Slava "The Undead" Kozlov is back to his old tricks. My, it is amazing what a healthy body can do. There is no reason to think Slava can't keep this up all year. If he stays healthy, what a beautiful thing it will be:

      • Bryan Little seems to be unaware he was drafted by Don Waddell. He is playing excellent. I've been told Waddell can't draft anything but a slam dunk. At least that's what I heard on the messageboards. He is on pace for 40 or so goals. Not gonna happen, but a fine addition to the second line he is. Or is it the first line...

      • The Czar hasn't quite gotten it going yet. I say this as a good thing. Imagine what will happen when he DOES get it going. Perhaps he could turn it up a notch if he showed up wearing something a little more comfortable:

      • Ron Hainsey should be our captain. Good American boy. Well spoken. Team guy. Given CPR to the career of Garnet Exelby. What more can you ask for? Post game interviews he ends every answer with that great smile of his:

      • Let's check back in with Kari:

      • Speaking of Kari, what are we going to do? A 4 game win streak isn't the ideal time to strike a deal. But it does seem as though something might give (NJ just gave up a goal). Could we be looking at Moose and his young, baby Moose named Pavs:

        • Mr. Party is the perfect third line center. God I love having Oilers on this team. Why don't we check in with Marty and see how the post game celebration is going:

          • For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


            Mortimer Peacock said...

            "What a great man, that Williams. He is breezing through the NHL just like he did through High School"


            IT HURTS IT HURTS

            FrenchCatalogues said...

            Poor Kari....

            Tiffany said...

            all around, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.

            Bryan Little seems to be unaware he was drafted by Don Waddell.


            and dude! pavelec's nickname is pony! we must find a photo of a moose leading a pony. i cna't believe i just blasphemed against kari, but i'm resigned to him going somewhere. i just hope it's not anywhere that'll break my heart.

            do i really wanna watch the interview w/him? ;-)

            Tiffany said...

            winner winner chicken dinner!


            Big Shooter said...

            Splendid, just splendid. Moose and Pony. It will be used in the future.

            Razor Catch Prey said...

            Shooter, this post is second only to your previous analysis of Thrashers' goalies.