Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GAME DAY- Toronto Maple Leafs

It's November 25th, two days before Thanksgiving, and, strangely, there's as of yet no Erik Christensen-for-Ryan Clowe trade on the horizon.

Meanwhile, your whimsical Atlanta Thrashers play the future Las Vegas Maple Leafs tonight, in Toronto. Playing in Toronto is significant for the Grand Mongoose for a few reasons: for one, he comes from there (next time you're in Toronto, don't forget to stop by John Anderson's Charcoal Broiled Hambugers in the North York neighborhood); and secondly, he actually used to play for the Vegas Maple Leafs. He scored 30-something goals several seasons in a row. Impressive.

He's a bit hidden in this photo, but he looks more or less the exact same, plus a mustache. The Chronicle are big fans of the Leafs' egomaniacal, barking insane coach Ron Wilson, but we're bigger fans of JA and his delicious charcoal broiled hamburgers.

Go Thrashers.


aaron said...

The hideousness of that first picture will haunt my dreams forever...

Anonymous said...

I had no idea JA used to play for the toronto gay prostitutes (raise your had if you like balls on your face)