Monday, November 3, 2008

The News is Here

- If you need any more proof of the potency and influence (influentialness?) of the hockey blogosphere, consider the case of Puck Daddy's interview with Washington Capitals winger and Russian person Alexander Semin. 

Alex said some naughty things about Sidney Crosby. That he was a fine skater but less interesting a hockey player than Semin's boyhood hero Patrick Kane, for instance. People went nuts. The funniest thing is that the establishment media is reporting that Semin said these wicked things to "Yahoo! Sports." Which is technically true, of course. But they seem reluctant to acknowledge the existence of blog scoops. Reactionaries. 

- Meanwhile, Devin Setoguchi continues to be a revelation. Playing on the Sharks' top line alongside Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau helps, of course. What did Mr. Peacock say way back when? That Marleau would be Thornton's left wing instead of the 2nd line center? Because that way he'd score way more goals? DID he say that? Yes he did. 
Had no clue Setoguchi would turn out to be so good, though. The 05-06 Jonathan Cheechoo of 08-09?

- Big Shooter thinks the Oilers will win the Stanley Cup this year. Could they? 

- I really should have kept Ryan Getzlaf on the Fantasy Hockey.

- Hey you fancy Ovechkin fans, your bearded Communist hero will be returning from Russia, a foreign country, to America on Election Day to claim his throne as President, of America, Forever. His fellow Decembrist Ilya Kovalchuk outranks him though, being the Czar and all. His ailing grandfather must have made a full recovery.

- A note to Thrashers fans, especially all of you discerning Chronicle readers: There's a new blog in town. It's called Thrashers Recaps and offers succinct, um, recaps of Thrashers games.It looks mighty interesting and useful. Enjoy! 

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Tiffany said...

pft. i've heard sasha say a lot worse than that. the mainstream media blows ass lately and there's apparently no such thing as fact checkers or editors, so eff them. blogs are where it's at. :D not that i'm biased or anything.