Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Better Late Than Never, Right?

So last Friday, on the very same day that the Thrashers beat the Canes and extended their winning streak to five, all these folks were accosting me and telling me that the Czar had done a fabulously wide-ranging and interesting interview with Sovetsky Sport/Puck Daddy. I assumed they were right, that the interview was interesting and whatnot, but I hadn't been near a computer most of the day and I didn't have time to look it up.

Well, I've just read it. Great stuff. As in the now-infamous Semin interview, the interviewer asks interesting questions and the hockey player responds like a thinking human being with actual feelings and opinions. If you're tardy like me and haven't read it yet, do so now.

"Crosby, Kane, Semin -- all those players mentioned in the interview -- are world class players. And each has their own opinion that should be considered. Without the hysteria. Sasha [Semin] is proving to everyone this season that he is an excellent forward. And [let them] take him into consideration. And [let them] fight against a cliché opinion that is usually born out of a crowd."
Dear God I love this man.

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