Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How to Miss the Most Exciting Game of the Year

So I flipped the old TV machine (actually, it's quite new; I had it made in a laboratory from the future) to VS. last night to watch the Red Wings-Penguins match-up, figuring it'd be a tolerably exciting game of the Hockey. I'd been up since quite early that morning (7:00, early as hell itself) so I was exhausted...

I made it through the first period. By the start of the second I was passed out on the couch, not to wake up again until after the game. Something about bull-riding cage-fighters or whatever non-hockey stuff VS. screens.

I had no idea who'd won, so I turned on the trusty Internet to see what had to report.

Mortimer=stunned. A Pens victory. A 7-6 score. A Jordan Staal hat trick in the third period. Overtime. Staal with the assist on the game-winner. Unbelievable.

There have to be ways to cut down on sleep.

Sean Leahy's take on Puck Daddy here. A priceless recap from the Pensblog here.

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