Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Penguins did not win that game. There should have never been a power play in the third period.

It'd be nice if the following people chose to live in a chemical fire:

1. Sidney Crosby
2. The officials who handled tonight's game
3. All the smug balding types wearing Lemieux jerseys tonight.
4. Kris Letang
5. Miroslav Satan

Just kidding. I DON'T want these folks to live in a chemical fire. I just hope Crosby gets eaten by a giant carnivorous possum. Letang likewise.

Any sanctimonious pricks with "Oh you horrible thug how could you ever wish death on a pleasant young man like Sidney Crosby" comments shouldn't even bother; you'll be deleted immediately.

Why are you even reading a hockey blog, anyway? The bars are still open; step across the street and find some leggy blond sipping a bluish-green cocktail and smoking a cigarette out of one of those long cigarette-holding things. She might be a countess or a spy.

Seriously, stop reading. There's more to life than hockey. Myself, I'm going to wander out into a darkened park and buy ten pounds of cocaine.

Not that it was all the refs' fault. Erik Christensen couldn't put the puck in the net if his life depended on it. Solid performance from Pavelec, though. Solid performance all 'round, really. Except for Christensen.

Jesus I hate the refs. Letang too. Chemical fire. Possum.


Anonymous said...

god damn that was a dissapointing loss, cant say we didnt have our chances though. the large carnivorous possum part got a good chuckle out of me though, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I enjoy watching Crosby play, but he scares the hell out of me when he has the puck. Not sure about a chemical fire, though. The refs need to be handled in an uncomfortable manner. I can't believe there was no penalty on the hit that White took, and on Satan for his hit on X. You always hear about bad calls in baseball, football, and the whole basketball ref scandal. But you rarely hear about bad calls(or non-calls) in hockey games. Maybe more attention should be paid to the NHL refs like the other sports have.

Tiffany said...

not attributing the person who said it, but re: crusher playing the pens, "the only way crush could get the puck in the net past flower or sabu is if he picked it up and threw it. they know all his moves." so don't crucify the kid on this game. all the others, sure.

also, the coke has you way way way too hyped up. mellow out. drink instead. the typos are funny!

Anonymous said...

Fuck sidney crosby, fuck the refs, and fuck the nhl that allows refs to ruin amazing fucking games because their super special high school musical type super star might lose to a team that out played them. I fucking hate the pens even more now and hope someone beheads crosby while hes doing one of his spinaramas in the corner instead of just looking on in awe. I fucking hate their coach too smug asshole.

Big Shooter said...

Wow, everyone seems to feel the exact same about this game.

Really too bad. We should have won.

Tiffany said...

not everyone, BS.

aaron said...

Two words:

Ko. Harski.

Tiffany said...

aaron: question = "have another donut you fat pig" was said to.... ???calva

Big Shooter said...

Maali -

That is one of my favorite moments in all of hockey. What a classic! I believe I posted it a WHILE ago on the Chronicle...

Mortimer Peacock said...


I take your point about Crusher. I am probably too harsh. Maybe.


Amen and amen. I laughed heartily at the "high school musical" comment. In fact, I still am.