Monday, November 10, 2008

Who Gets the C?

Rawhide makes the case for Slava Kozlov.

I wouldn't be against giving Slava the captaincy; he's been excellent all year, and by all accounts his veteran presence is a stabilizing influence on the team. Even though the Chronicle took an Official Editorial Position on this issue last week, I'm really not sure who should get the C. I'd be happy with Kovalchuk, Kozlov, or Hainsey.


Tiffany said...

Or Moose. He's the unofficial captain anyway. If Vancouver can set precedent, why the hell not.?

A2B said...

what about eric perrin? I know the dude is rarely in the media but when he is he is so calm and always saying the perfect answer. Plus he loves it here in Atlanta. Just another candidate to throw in the mix... This might be the first welcome problem to ever cross Atlanta.

A2B said...

Thrashers get some love from the media (Even from ESPN!)

someone finally admitted that we are a good team.