Monday, November 17, 2008

News and Notes for Your Crisp November Monday

- Well, it appears the Thrashers won't be extending their winning streak to six games. It was mighty decent of them to come back strong in the third period, though. Nice work by Crusher (first goal!), the Czar (beautiful feed to Crusher!), Bryan "Diamonds" Little, and folkloric ghost Slava Kozlov. Moose did what he could.

- Le Chronique Bleuland just wants the Thrash to beat the Penguins. We can't wait to see the recap on the Pensblog when they do.

- I assume you all know about the free-for-all that unfolded in Chicago last night. If not, you should. Crazy flip-flopping game between the Blackhawks and the Sharks, which SJ eventually won, featuring a Jeremy Roenick goal. Classic.

- Seriously, why can't we beat the Flyers? A thrilling comeback in the third period and we allow a silly Joffrey Lupul goal? I think something supernatural might be at work.

- Doesn't Razor Catch Prey have a fine radio voice? Hope you all enjoyed the Chronicle's very first podcast. If you didn't, you must be a miserly, withered soul that bothers sheep in the night. And impotent, too.

- Craig MacTavish Craig MacTavishes Dustin Penner's girlfriend. According to the Edmonton Journal, Mac-T thinks Penner hasn't put up the performance that the Oilers organization expected from him when Kevin Lowe signed him for 80 billion dollars and twenty draft picks.

"When we signed Dustin we thought he'd be a top-two-line player," said MacTavish as the team prepares to face the Detroit Red Wings on Monday night.

"We thought the contract ($4.25 million average for five years) was a starting point for him, but he views it as a finish line. I can't watch it, certainly not for another 2 1/2 years," he said.

Owwwww ooooooh that hurts. James Mirtle wonders if this tough love strategy ever really works. I don't think it did in the case of Patrick Marleau vs. Ron Wilson last year. But we'll see. Remember, Craig MacTavish is Craig MacTavish.

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aaron said...

We can't wait to see the recap on the Pensblog when they do.

how i would love to drop a "cblog=stunned" or free candy reference after a win. :)