Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1 Month of Chronicle Fantasy Hockey

Like all hockey fans, we here at the Chronicle have a competitive streak in us. French Catalogues' streak actually got inflamed last year and we thought the doctors were going to have to remove it, but some antibiotics cleared that up.

Anyway, the point is that from time to time we like to have some friendly challenges, be they hockey related drinking games, drinking related drinking games, marathon 20 question matches, or in today's case, fantasy hockey.

Shooter and myself have been following NHL hockey since the 1993 Western Conference finals. We were the only kids in Georgia high schools wearing LA Kings, Boston Bruins, and Washington Capitals gear in gym class. Frenchy and Morty have picked up the greatest game on earth much more recently, but have thrown themselves into it with such passion, that their knowledge at least rivals that of us old guys.

The problem that we have had with fantasy hockey in the past is the day to day labor that most leagues require. So I set up the Chronicle league to be geared more to us ADD types. It is more to test our ability to predict in the pre-season who will have a good year and who will not. All our players are "on the ice" every night, so we don't have to change our bench and roster around every day depending on who actually has a game that night. We can each only make 4 roster moves throughout the year after the initial draft, and that is only so we can dump a player who has a catastrophic injury.

The points are a little different than most leagues as well. Extra points are awarded for game winning goals and powerplay goals. Goalies get 3 points for a win, but also lose a point for every goal against. So if your goalie wins a game, but gave up 5 goals, you end up with a -2 for the night from him. However, if you have Toby Keith Enstrom and he only scored one goal in a night, but it is the game winner, he got you 3 points.

So, a month into the season, here are the rosters and the standings of the first annual Blueland Chronicle Fantasy Hockey Challenge.

Currently in First Place: French Catalogues with 561 points
Centers- Crosby and Malkin
Wingers- Zetterberg, Nash, Vanek, and Semin (You'd think that would cause locker room issues with Semin and Crosby)
Defense- Lidstrom, Rafalski, Visnovsky, and Boyle (Frenchy obviously has no shame)
Goalies- Luongo and Price

2nd: Razor Catch Prey with 497
Centers- E Stall and Stastny
Wingers- The Czar, Hoss, Cheechoo, and Cory Perry
Defense- Campbell, Pronger, Souray, and Weber
Goalies- Nabokov and Kipprusoff

3rd: Mortimer Peacock with 437
Centers- Joe Thorton and Savard
Wingers- Boyes, Doan, Hejduk, and Marleau
Defense- Phaneuf, Markov, Bouwmeester, and Thomas Kaberle
Goalies- Lundqvist and Fleury

4th: Big Shooter with 422
Centers- Datsuk and Spezza
Wingers- Ovy, Iggy, D Sedin, and Sharp
Defense- Chara, Green, Niedermayer, and Duncan Kieth
Goalies- Shooter has taken advantage of the system and dropped both of his goalies in favor of 2 more wingers- Selanne and Getzlaf

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