Monday, November 3, 2008

Official Editorial Position on the Captaincy

Give it to Kovalchuk. Several folks have said that in the last few games he seems uninspired and uninterested. I don't quite think that's been the case.

To me, he's just seemed confused and easily rattled. Far from being passionless and uninspired, his bizarre outburst in the game against Philadelphia showed that he DOES care about the team, very deeply in fact, but that he has a hard time controlling his emotions.

But last night the Czar was truly the Czar. He did what Jarome Iginla did in a game earlier this season to lift the Calgary Flames from the wreckage of their terrible start : he scored the goals we count on him to score. Captain-like behavior. Czar-like.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what they have been waiting on. It takes guts to totally sell yourself on and trust a system. Lets hope he gets settled in turns off the ol' noggin and lets the talent do the talking. Or maybe he's just going to start hitting the net, is it me or have we been missing the net with ALOT of shots this year, and the ones that have are right in the chest of the goalie.