Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank a Veteran Today

November 11 is the day designated to do what we all should really do every day of the year, and that is give thanks to our veterans for defending our freedom and way of life.

Whether or not they have seen combat, everyone who puts on the uniform of our armed forces takes the risk that they will be called upon at some point to risk their life to ensure the freedoms promised in the Constitution. Making that commitment is an act of heroism in and of itself, which is accentuated by any further acts that a soldier is called upon to make in the line of duty.

It is not only our freedom as Americans that our veterans have sacrificed to protect, but also the freedom and well being of people they would otherwise have never met. American soldiers have fought for freedom in almost every continent of the world. Only Antarctica is left off the list because the vast penguin legions have proven capable of defending their own interests without our help.

So proudly enjoy your freedom today and thank every veteran and/or currently serving member of our armed forces for that privilege. Listen to Big and Rich sing about the 8th of November, and Merle Haggard extol on his Fightin' Side.

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