Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ho Hum

Something you've already heard about Lehtonen trade rumors.

Does anyone have any clue who's in goal today? All I know is that 1) Kari is probably our best goalie, 2) the team seems to try harder in front of Moose and Pavelec, and 3) we don't need 3 goalies.

UPDATE: Okay, this is cryptic. Mike Knobler in the AJC: "I asked John Anderson before the game how the Thrashers will handle their three-goalies-for-two-spots situation. He said they don’t have to make that call until Monday."


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Big Shooter said...

I think Kari is in net today. Interesting stuff. We could get the most return for Kari, as we at The Chronicle have been stating since summer.

It boils down to how high the team is on Pavs. Seems to be pretty high since we have already turned down trade offers.

Col, Ott and NJ seem to be the most likely. If he goes, I'd love to see him go in a sign and trade to the Avs...