Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Panthers at Polling Places with Nightsticks

But at least the Republicans weren't allowed to intimidate voters by requiring a valid photo ID.

Video here.

UPDATE FROM RAZOR'S FAVORITE LIBTARD MORTIMER PEACOCK: This is awesome. I mean, REAL BLACK PANTHERS, like in the 60's! I didn't even know Black Panthers still existed. Apparently, two fellers from the scary Black Panthers were standing in the front of one polling place in Philadelphia, one of them wielding a nightstick. Someone called the police; the one with the nightstick was escorted away. Apparently this is the only place where a scary Black Panther sighting has occurred. Clearly a widespread concerted effort by the Obama campaign and ACORN and Satan and Iran to enslave the white race.

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Telephone Thing said...

By which you mean there were some scary Black Panthers at one polling station in Philly.

Not that I condone any kind of intimidation, however minimal. Intimidation at the polls is totally uncool.

They were arrested, after all.