Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kovy on the Fans

"I have to apologize in front of them after those efforts when we got 0-7 and 6-1. We just can't play like that, even if we're bad. We can't give up six or seven goals. It's a big win, and hopefully they are going to support us. We've got a good team...we're much, much better than that and I promise we're going to be in way better shape than we are right now." - Ilya Kovalchuk

Somebody seems to be taking responsibility and taking it onto his shoulders. This is the kind of quality to get a big C.


A2B said...

Is it just me, or when Kari gets back in goal if we keep playing the way we did last night against the panthers I think we really look like a playoff team.

We just need to learn to clear the puck faster.

Mortimer Peacock said...


I think you may be right.


Kovy came up HUGE last night. He's definitely conducting himself in a Captain-like way.