Friday, October 24, 2008

Only 7 Days Until Halloween

- The men from Buffalo continue to impress.

- How about those Panthers? Doing reasonably well, they are, but tonight they face the greatest team in professional anything ever. Aside from the Thrashers.

- Down 500-0 last night, Jarome Iginla did what all captains are supposed to do and scored 501 goals to outdo the Nashville Predators and win the game. Dion Phaneuf is now actually helping me on fantasy.

- Oilers undefeated no longer. It's that damn Joe Sakic, mugging Oilers at ATMs and carving backwards J's into their faces.

- So Eric Staal holds his brother Jordan's head under water (through a hole in the ice) for two periods, then Jordan's friends--star hockey players Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin--roll up in their snow mobile and show the elder Staal the proper way to do such things.

- Speaking of the Penguins, what the HELL is the deal with the Pensblog?

7 days to Barack Obama's Satanic bathtub holiday.



Tiffany said...

the pensblog is a couple awesomely hilarious guys (not unlike you.... 3? 4? how many of you ARE there?) who just wrote funny posts about the pens, with hilarious photoshops, and then one day out of nowhere, it blew the fuck up and they became one of the most popular fanblogs evar.

i hearts them. even when they talk shit about our guys, it's still pretty funny.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Yeah, I got that. I've been reading the Pensblog for a long time; my comment had to do with some technical troubles they seemed to be having.

Not that any of this matters, because the Pensblog (I love the thing as well) is back up and healthy and this post was like ten years ago.

Tiffany said...

yeah but i'm nothing if not behind the times :D