Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Only 10 Days Until Halloween

- And the Tampa Bay Lightning are getting into the spirit of things by forcing their goalies to wear Saw V masks.

OOOOOOH, SCARY. I actually watched Saw III a few nights ago...ridiculous. I hate the Saw movies. They're no Cannibal Holocaust.

I also hate the Lightning. But most of all I hate the fact that tonight's game isn't going to be on TV. I suppose I should be thankful, though: this gives me a reason to listen to the great Dan Kamal.

- No way Marian Gaborik finishes the season with the Minnesota Wild. Wild beat writer Michael Russo is reporting that Gaborik is being shopped around the league already, and that likely destinations include the Montreal Canadiens and--wait for it--the Los Angeles Kings. I just want him to score more goals; he's not helping me on fantasy.

- It's in the interests of the Atlanta Thrashers to 1) beat the Lightning tonight, and 2) to hope that the Calgary Flames--who are definitely due a win--defeat the Washington Capitals in Calgary tonight.

- I predict Ovechkin goes down with an injury before the All Star Break. Not a serious one, but one that will force him to miss a chunk of games. Just saying.

10 days to Halloween.

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