Thursday, October 30, 2008

Only 1 Day Until Halloween

- The Finnish Flash scored a hat trick last night to lift the Ducks over the Red Wings something to something. Ryan Getzlaf, the feller who's been having a hard time lately? 5 assists. Should have kept him on fantasy. Meanwhile, Marian Hossa continues to rack up the points.

- Ken Klee now a Coyote!

- Trade deadline's been moved by one day. Adjust your calendars.

- Martin Brodeur had a rare hideous night last night. He gave up 5 whole goals to the Toronto Ron Wilsons, then lost the damn thing in shootout by positively encouraging Tomas Kaberle and Niklas Hagman to score goals on him. Hagman added insult to injury by snowing the poor portly fellow. NJ Devils fanatic Puck "Greg Wyshynski" Daddy with a postmortem here.

- If you manage to navigate the complicated way past the advertisements and the cheesy, out-of-context leadership quotes from Tacitus and Charles Barkley, Forbes Magazine has published a very interesting article about the relative financial value of the the different NHL franchises.
The Leafs and the Canadiens are money itself. The Coyotes, Thrashers, and Blue Jackets? Not so much.

Alright, two for one today. 1 day to Halloween.

Oh yes.

And finally, the trailer for the greatest bad horror film ever made:

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