Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let The Bolt Bashing Begin

This being a Thrashers blog and all, I think we should make it a point to rip into the Tampa Bay Lightning at every chance we get. Is there another team out there in the Southeast that is as hateable as the Bolts? Not in my book. I hope they fall flat on their face. And I think they might. Lets take a look at what some other people are saying:

"Can Gary Roberts and Mark Recchi contribute as third- and fourth-line players? I don't think they can," national broadcast analyst and former NHL netminder Darren Eliot said. "Establishing roles is critical. Everybody has to know, embrace and accept their roles. For all their wheeling and dealing, there are as many question marks as there are answers with their moves."

One GM recently told there wouldn't be many tears shed around the league if the Bolts "lost every single game this season."

Tortorella, now a national analyst in Canada, recently told an Ottawa radio station he thought Barrie and Koules are "a couple of cowboys" and that he had "zero respect" for them.

"I still don't think they solved what their problems are," former New York Rangers GM and current TV analyst and Anahiem Ducks scout Neil Smith said recently. "Their defense may be a little bit better, but not tremendously better, and their goaltending is still questionable."

"They are going to be the biggest joke in the league," contributor to the Blueland Chronicle Big Shooter said. "They sucked ass last year and all they have done is ignored their defense and gotten old guys like Mark Recchi. I heard that guy likes to spend an awful lot of time at rest stops for some reason."

So there you have it folks. Feel free to fire away at the Bolts and let them know how much you hate them. I'm pretty sure they all read this blog.

For The Blueland Chronicle, I'm Big Shooter.


Mortimer Peacock said...

Steve Stamkos? More Steve SUCKOS! Hurh huhrh hurh uhrhr oh ha.

I is funny.

Tiffany said...

Is there another team out there in the Southeast that is as hateable as the Bolts?

mmhm. The Caps.

Hey who's that big shooter guy you quoted? He's dead on!

Anonymous said...

Caps. I kinda like the Caps. Ovechkin at least plays with absolute joy for the game. Fans suck as the Verizon Center is often empty. Bolts suck. Hate em. Always root against them.

FrenchCatalogues said...

I like the Caps. They're like our cousins or something. Two young swedes that are friends, two killer russians that are friends, two Minor league coaches that are friends.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

(oops. edit.) Listen, just because they're the team we want to be, and could be, doesn't mean we can't hate on them.

Also, I forgot how much fun it is to talk shit about the Kittens. Any team that lauds Greg Campbell, Stephen Weiss and Horton Hears a Who its "stars" is in serious need of a grilling.

Is MP drinking again?

FrenchCatalogues said...

Ah, see I feel for the kitties. I used to not care, but I have sympathy. But the Canes and Dolts are in my sights for destruction, don't like them much at all, no sir, no way.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Excellent dose of random Bolt-hate, Shooter. Though I don't think quoting Neil Smith in any capacity lends credibility. This is one of the guys who took the Rangers from Leetch-Messier-Richter to Jagr-a-bunch-of-guys-they-could-afford-after-paying-Jagr.