Sunday, October 19, 2008

Encouraging Signs

As we all know, through six games last year we had exactly 0 points and our coach got shown the door. Things then went downhill from there! Not so this year. Through five games we are 2-2-1 for 5 points. What is encouraging to me is not necessarily that we have won, but how we are playing, even in the losses.

We have been in every game, and have come out roaring every game. That first period last night was the best I've seen the Thrashers play in a long time. Kari has been near perfect! I love it! And how 'bout the job Bryan Little is doing. Hennngh?!!? Heeeeengggh!!! How about the job he did last night? Heeeeengggh!! If only that Don Waddell knew how to draft people maybe the Thrashers could be better.

I'm so glad Little was put on the first line wing. This past summer when Morty and I had the privilege to sit down with John Anderson for a few questions I asked him about our offense, and told him I thought the biggest key for our success this year would be how Little does. He was pretty quick to agree with me.

If our second line can gel we might be on to something. I certainly think the talent with Kozlov, Crusher, and a mix of Army and Williams can provide enough scoring punch to help us win games. And I've been pleased with Bogo. He is just getting his feet wet, but so far no big glaring mistakes. As the year progresses he will get more comfortable and start jumping into the play.

All in all, I think we should all be pleased with how things are going so far. The only thing that worries me is the crowds so far. Sell out opening night (no surprise), but then three weak crowds after that. Imagine if we hadn't played the Sabers last night. Would have been pretty empty for a Saturday night. The economy sucks, and I understand if people can't afford to go to games. What I don't understand is people that have the money, love hockey, but are trying to send a message to ownership by staying away. Just get over it and go to the games and have fun with your family and friends.

Anyway, lots of positives so far. I think it will only get better. Enjoy this week's episode of Coach's Corner:

Post Game:

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