Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maxim on Hockey

Maxim magazine (or for those of us too cheap to subscribe to the hardcopy) is good for somethings and awful for others. It is one of the only sources I really trust for movie reviews, because their reviewers, like me, don't put up with artsy crap, anti-Americanism, or chick flicks. However, when it comes to sports, the guys over at Maxim haven't got much of a clue. Given, their old college football guy, JoBu was very knowlegable and extremely funny. But the rest of the staff seems to eschew hockey in favor of more testosterone-challenged pursuits like basketball and pro baseball.

Today, however, features two very different articles on the new NHL season. The first is typical anti-hockey Maxim sportswriting titled 10 Reasons to Care About the NHL This Season. For a serious list, specifically tailored to Thrasher fans, see my post from last week.

The second article is more respectful to our glorious game. Indeed, it pays tribute to those that Maxim has deemed to be the 12 Toughest Bastards to ever play the game. While they missed a few, it's a good read.

In a related note, TSN's season preview show will feature their top analysts (including Chicken Parm) explaining who they would pick from today's NHL to build a franchise around for the next 5 years. That's a great idea for a running theme through the 2 hour broadcast. We here at the Chronicle wouldn't get much mileage out of that, however, since all four of us would have the same answer. Jarome Iginla. Case closed.

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