Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mirtle On Our Future

Mirtle has this to say today in a reference to our old friend The Falconer. Basically what is mentioned here is the lack of season ticket renewal, the future of the franchise, the court battle, Kovy's contract, and that business we know about.

With all that in mind, yeh, the franchise does look kinda bad, but one must take in certain aspects of the scenario. If the Thrashers were an independent part in all this, then yes, I'd be sweating, but they are not. The Thrashers are tied to other things in this city. One, the Thrashers and the Hawks are a package and can't be split up. Second, there is almost a hundred year lease on Philips Arena with the Thrashers and Hawks. So, it'd be kinda hard to move the team. There is too much involved. I can't imagine the amount of money the owners would lose if one had to break a lease on Philips, split two teams tied together, and just dealing with court cases and lawyers. That bill racks up. The legality just doesn't make sense in my opinion. Mind you, I'm no top businessman, but what I do know is if you break this stuff apart it leaves a huge trail of money that isn't coming back. Also if they try to move the team, I'll kill them with my thumbs.

Also as Custance reported, Kovy likes it here. So I still hold onto my faith. So please stop talking about 2010.

In regards to the tickets. I do remember that the Blackhawks had terrible tickets sales a couple of seasons ago. And I know you can say, "Oh but they're an original six and all that good stuff." With that I say, and I know Shooter can certainly back this up, the Knights used to sell out and out sale the Hawks back in the day. And that was in the days of Dominique! So take what you will. People (this is no way a reference to Mirtle, just anonymous comments from people) in North can bash us all they want saying we don't deserve a hockey team. If that is the case. I'm taking the Blue Jays back Motherf*cker. We already did it with the Expos!


Anonymous said...

Let those yankee bastards underestimate a younger, hungry, well coached team at their own peril!! We just got our asses kicked by the ....... Thrashers? Might just be a common phrase this season.

A2B said...

Thought you guys might like to see that Esposito is doing really well already. Check the article:

Big Shooter said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

From now on I say we make it a Chronicle rule that anyone who mentions 2010 and Kovy will have their arms ripped off and then will be beaten to death with them.

It's 2008 people. Lets enjoy the now and look forward to Friday...

FrenchCatalogues said...

Andrew, I did read that earlier. It always good to hear promising things from Esposito. Thanks.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I wonder if the dumb cunts who say Atlanta should be relocated have ever examined the first ten seasons or more of the San Jose Sharks. Or those Stanley Cup winners in Tampa.

Should the Blues or the Caps be relocated because they've never won a Stanley Cup?