Friday, October 10, 2008

We Won.

Ok, I know it was a high scoring game (7-4), but damn that was some fun. I just hope this makes naysayers think twice. By all means, I'm not saying we are the 80's Oilers, but give us credit when deserved. We played hard and came through when needed. Also, to those people out there who thought that other players couldn't score I give you this: Bryan Little = 2 goals, Kozlov = goal, Army = goal, Hainsey = goal, Reasoner = goal, and White = goal. So there you have it. Kovy didn't even score, but he did have an assist. Havelid had three assists. Kari had 39 saves = ridiculous. Schneider looked ace. Bogo looked like a rookie. He was trying and did well with a few mistakes, and the kid is younger than me (I'm Bryan Little's age). So give em some time.

Brashear did start a fight with Bogo, which is unacceptable. Brashear is a big enforcer. I understand letting the rookie know his place in the NHL and welcome-to-the-big-leagues-and-all-that, but you don't go after an 18-year old kid in his first NHL game. I like Brashear, but that is unsportsmanlike. In the end, it was a hell of a game, fun as hell. The whole Chronicle was there, and we had a hell of a time. Good job boys, and most importantly, congrats John Anderson.

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