Monday, October 13, 2008

Vancouver Canucks @ Washington Capitals Liveblog!

Why not?

7:14 PM- Game's been underway for a few minutes now. Brent Johnson in goal rather than the the hilarious Jose Theodore. Alexander Semin just poked a goal past Roberto Luongo (not to be confused with some other Luongo). 1-0 Caps.

7:15- MP's instructions to Canucks: Alright, dudes, you need to win this game. The Thrash need to be first place in the Southeast by the end of tomorrow night's game.


7:17- Sergei Fedorov playing defense for the Caps. So strange. 

7:17- You kids need to know about Ryan Kesler. He plays third line for the Canucks, he's a great defensive/offensive power forward, and he's American. He'll be our premier checking line dude in 2010.  And he already knows all about the ice at GM Place!

7:18- Canucks so far keeping the Caps pinned down in their own zone. Much more offensive than I remember. 

7:21- Slapshot the Eagle looks trimmer this season.

7:21- Fedorov with a wrist shot, deflected by that Luongo person.

7:24- The Sedin Twins really are terrifying. Is it absolutely essential for them to sport the exact same facial hair? I bet their powers dry up if they shave differently. 

7:25- Lots of poking.

7:26- Lots of hits! Luongo pokes and deflects another shot.

7:27- Alexander Ovechkin (not to be confused with another Ovechkin) takes a shot, misses.

7: 28- So I have this sore throat and cold that strikes every year at exactly this time. That's almost as odd as the Sedins. Hey, here's Daniel Sedin on the television.

7:30- "Thank you," he says. 

7:30- Carolina losing to Detroit 1-0. Still early, but good. Canes sporting those awesome new red and black jerseys. They really ought to make those the official things. 

7:31- Bam ba lam. 

7:32- I'm obviously not paying attention. The Caps have been on a power play for like TEN MINUTES and I didn't even notice. Ovie gets knocked down, crowd at Verizon boos, no penalty on the Canuck. Power play nearly over. 

7:33- Vancouver on the power play!

7:34- Sedins keep setting up some crazy juju. No dice so far. 

7:35- Caps kill off the penalty. Alex Semin is a big deal. 

7:35- Backstrom storms Luongo, shoots, Luongo deflects. 

7:36- Penalty on Vancouver! Washington power play.

7:38- Pavol Demitra committed the sin of hooking, apparently. So judgmental, these officials. Haven't we all done a little hooking in our day?

7:38- Power play fifteen seconds old and the Caps still haven't scored. What fools. 

7:39- Mike Green scores. He's a BMF. 2-1 Caps.

7:42- Some Cap messes with a Sedin, earns team a penalty. 

7:45- End of first period. 2-1 Caps. 

7:56- If the Rangers win tonight my fantasy team does better than Big Shooter. He has Brodeur, I have Lundquist. 

8:06- A few minutes into the second period. Caps extremely aggressive. Luongo's quite good.

8:07- Excellent chance for the Canucks, but everyone slipped and fell down in front of the net and went home to weep. 

8:08- Caps regain puck, charge into Canucks territory, fire a rocket into Luongo's glove. Stunning sa--Caps just scored. 3-1.

8:11- The Caps do not let up. They try to score, shoot the rebounding puck, fail to score again, shoot the rebound puck again, score. Semin with his second goal: 4-1 Caps.

8:12- Caps keeping Canucks in their own zone, super-offensive. 

8:17- Ovechkin smashes Wellwood against the boards. Ovie is awfully big. 

8:22- Shots on Goal: 19-3 Washington. Penalty called on Vancouver. Another goal for the Caps?

8:25- At least Monsieur Catalogues' fantasy goalie Luongo has given up 4 goals tonight. 

8:31- Jesus tap dancing Christ, ANOTHER Washington power play?!

8:31- Fedorov is quite the PP point man.

8:32- Some Canuck gets whistled for interference. Caps have 2 man advantage. Prepare to lose another point in fantasy, Monsieur. 

8:33- Penalty shot. Semin on Luongo. I predict Luongo stops it.

8:34- Arguing the call. Interference or penalty shot? Luongo chatting with ref. Semin anxious for the hat trick.

8:36- Semin not doing the penalty shot. Michael Nylander instead. Here we go. 

8:36- NYLANDER SCORES. Shit. Was I wrong?

8:36- I'm closing in on M. Catalogues and his Luongo in fantasy hockey.

8:41- End of 2nd period. Luongo's been abandoned by his skaters. 5-1 Caps.

9:01- 3rd period underway. Lots of men with sticks.

9:02- Canucks looking a bit more aggressive, no, wait. Caps nearly score again. New non-Luongo goalie in net. None of this shitfest is Luongo's fault, of course.

9:09- I've lost interest. 

9:13- Steve Bernier half-heartedly slaps some Caps.

9:32- Was there a Canucks-Caps game tonight? 

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