Sunday, October 5, 2008

Official Editorial Position on Ondrej Pavelec

I'm writing this from my apartment building's business center, as my computer is ill at the moment (and not even in the good Beastie Boys sort of way), so I'll make it quick. Anyway, this is just a condensed version of Monsieur Catalogues' post below, which I urge you all to read.

The Chronicle has been pushing this line since this past summer's draft, but it needs reiterating:

Trade Pavelec.

To bring things up to date: the entire Chronicle staff was at the pre-season deal last Friday evening and we witnessed the Thrash totally kicking ass (granted, we spent the first half of the first period in the CNN Center drinking beer and then wandering around the team store in Philips, looking for something to spend our $25 gift cards on) until Pavelec stepped in in the third period. I have to say I'm still pleased with Anderson's system, but for the love of ChocolatHunDeMoose, why did he have to take Moose out and put Pavelec in?

I know it's just a pre-season game and it doesn't matter, but...

Anyway, trade Pavelec to Ottawa/Detroit/Philadelphia/Colorado/L.A. Now.

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Anonymous said...

pavelec to detroit for liljia and sammeulson/maltby (sic?) sounds good to me!! However, detroit is usually a little to proud of their own stock though. I as well am very excited about anderson's sytem. when these guys get it down and we get a little more talent we are going to be an exciting/dangerous team to watch/play.